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HP Printer Not Connecting to PC? Wired and Wireless

by HP Printer Support

Posted on Oct 06, 2016 at 10:10 AM

HP Printers are of two type’s i. e. wire printers and wireless printers. For having printing experience you need to connect it with the computer system. It is a tough task for a new user to connect to PC by own. You definitely require a genuine guidance from certified technicians. Here comes our role, HP Printer Support Australia tells you the reasons due to which printer are not connecting to the PC. We also provide solution for those root causes.

We are an independent service providing body, allowing you to access our telephonic services. When your HP Printer creates trouble for you, dial HP Printer Support number Australia at +61-283206004. Our support services are very cost effective. We remain open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are never off service for you. We guide our customers over phone only. You can reach out us from remote locations. We have designed the convenient steps by following which you can get success over your printer issues. These steps are formulated by experienced techies. Each step is simple to follow. We provide knowledge for both kinds of printers.

Solution For Wired HP Printers

  • Step 1- Check power availability. Check whether the power supply is reaching to the devices or not.
  • Step 2- Check the printer connections. Check whether the wires are properly connected to respective ports are not.
  • Step 3- Check the spooler. If spooler is not turned on, your printer will not connect.
  • Step 4- Check drivers and software whether they are properly installed or not. Drivers should be authentic and downloaded from official HP Printer website.
  • Step 5- After checking and fixing these issues add printer and give test page. Your printer will surely work.

Solution For Wireless HP Printers

  • Step 1- Check power availability.
  • Step 2- Check the configuration setting whether the provided IP address is matching or not. Connect it with proper network setting.
  • Step 3- Check whether the spooler is turned on or not.
  • Step 4- Check whether the printer drivers are properly installed or not. Driver should be from official HP website.
  • Step 5- After resolving these issues, add printer to the PC. Printer will work for sure.


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