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It is always an irritating moment when a piece of paper gets stuck in printer. It stops printer functions and result into improper printing. If printer tries to push the paper out, it can be physically affected. You need to pull out that paper to ensure proper printing session. For this you have to open the printer, remove the hindrance and set it properly. HP Printer Support Australia helps in clearing the obstruction from the path.

We are a third part service provider. We let our customers to use our services by calling at HP Printer Support phone number +1800-431-355. We are a group of proficient intellectuals who provide telephonic technical support to get success over HP printer issues. We offer them instructions to go through. By virtue of which, they become able to resolve their issues by themselves. You can talk to us any time any day. Our services are cost effective and quick. We have easy patterns of steps those are designed by experts take you out of the trouble.

Easy steps to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issues:

  • Step 1- Check the paper desk. If you find any loose paper in it, remove it. If any paper gets trapped while feeding, kindly take it out. These are main reasons for paper jam.
  • Step 2- Remove the rear access door of printer. Take out the piece of paper trapped into the rollers. If there is no stuck paper left, press the Resume button.
  • Step 3- Open the front cover of printer. Remove further trapped papers. Take paper out carefully so that it does not harm the printer.
  • Step 4- Look at the printer carriage to ensure its proper performance. Unplug the connecting probes, move the carriage from side to side and also rotate the rollers thrice to check whether they are working freely or not.
  • Step 5- Test the printer to ensure no paper jam.


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Step 1- Turn off the printer.

Clear Paper Jam Issues in HP Printer Step-1

Step 2- Open up the main cover.

Clear Paper Jam Issues in HP Printer Step-2

Step 3- Gently move print head sideways to free paper.

Clear Paper Jam Issues in HP Printer Step-3

Step 4- Slowly remove paper.

Clear Paper Jam Issues in HP Printer Step-4