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CMOS or Complementary metal Oxide Semiconductor is a battery powered semi conductor chip meant to store the configuration battery of your system within the BIOS settings. These settings entail Date, settings, BIOS update logs, etc. This battery is the backbone that ensures the stability in an HP Laptop. At times, either due to data corruption or else, the CMOS battery gets corrupted. Therefore, it is important for the users to reset via battery removal to make way for new and correct content.

Hp Support Team Presents You The Way To Remove This Information And Reset The CMOS

The method remove/reset this info varies from model to model, but the essence remains the same. However, resetting the CMOS involves some intricate interaction with the hardware. Therefore, it is best suited to be left to the experts.

Steps To Remove CMOS Battery From HP Laptops

  • First, turn of the power of your HP computer. Also, disconnect the A/C adapter from the power source. The goal here is to isolate the system from any electric intrusion.
  • Get your rubber gloves ready. While the power surge (if any) will be minuscule, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Turn over your laptop and locate battery. Present at the rear end of the portable system, you need to unhinge it from its latches in order to remove it. The power bank might be sturdy, but the connective latches are not. Therefore, it is advisable to gently, unlock the battery from the two latches and pull it upward smoothly.
  • One you have removed the computer battery; put it aside for about 30 minutes in an isolated place without any contamination. During that time, try not to touch the device. Furthermore, depending on your model, you might have to leave the power bank out for more than 30 minutes.
  • While being grounded, but the battery back into the machine. Make sure that you put the latches back on to make the reconnection stable.
  • In case the CMOS is still not reset, you should contact the experts. You can do so by calling at the HP Support Number Australia 1800-431-355 . In case the CMOS is clear but is not reset, you might need to perform the above steps all over again


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